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That's Mr H to You

Hello, you may remember me from such websites as Zeitgeist, Metal4Life (RIP), GetReadyToRock, SpaceRock (RIP), MetalUK (RIP) and others.  You may even have seen my printed words in Scottish Memories,  Instant, Shindig!, Record Collector, Darker Than Blue, Colossus, Acid Dragon and others.











You can also check out my weekly internet radio show - Rockin' The Country on GRTR radio - every Thursday at 8pm, Her Majestys Great British time, repeated on a Friday - it really is good!


And, as if that wasn't enough, there's even more Mr H, every Saturday evening as I ramble on through a selection of Rock Profiles .

Then, every Sunday at 8pm, Her Majestys Great British Time, they let me off the leash on a show called Rock Byways.  Carnage guaranteed.













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